Meet the real VO Industry Killing Machines

handcuffs-2102488_640 (1).jpg

It’s not a secret that the VO industry is been “threatened” somehow. Nowadays, anyone has access to a decent microphone, a simple audio interface and a partially treated recording space at best. Technology, Internet, Social Media and the super fast flow of information and communication everyday, makes possible that thousands or millions call themselves “voice over artists” with “professional home studios”.  Sounds scary!

However, not all of them are just newbies trying to pretend. Otherwise, there are lots of talented, skilled, honest and professional people out there with tons of experience. They handle their voice over careers and business in the right way, with professionalism and honesty. The ones who really care about our industry, the real talented one. Know the real value of their work, time, and would never hesitate to help other colleagues in succeeding or fight for the right cause.

But, what about that talented people happily working for humiliating and unprofessional rates? Are they properly informed? Or, just do it because and they simply don’t care at all?  In both scenarios, they are somehow hurting the industry, but once thing is for sure: they are beautifully persevering on destroying their “careers”, without even mentioning the companies they record for and represent. Whether by ignorance or on purpose, they record from the shadows of their so called home studios and, mostly, from their ignorance.

Being a voiceover artist goes way much further than just getting in front of the microphone and proving your talent or skills.  A voice over talent not only cares about skills and appropriate training, also comprehends and perfectly knows the industry and its business. Professional voiceover talents say NO to unprofessional practices and humiliating rates. Stand up for the right causes at the right time with no hesitation. Fortunately, there are thousands of them setting the example and doing a fantastic job everyday for our amazing industry. I call them giants, warriors, they are legion and worth millions. This beautiful industry keeps running and shining more than ever because of them. Cheers to that and share your comments bellow!